Feedback Terminals

What has a feedback terminal to accomplish?

Customers have to be motivated to rate. The rating process has to be fast'n easy. The ratings have to be significantly informative for the client.

Why is the RmT rating system that much better than five-star ratings or questionnaires?

It's visually more attractive and exciting and therefore attracts more customers. The rating is more-dimensional, but intuitive and fast. Customers are not annoyed by many questions.

Why a Feedback Terminal?

Customers decide on the basis of feedback reports, these assessments are therefore becoming more and more important. At the same time, the feedback should be relevant and statistically meaningful to the client. It must therefore be based on a sufficient number of assessments, as well as information relevant for the customers purchase decision.

RateMyTate measures KPIs and displays these values versus the temporal sequence live. (E.g. competence of HR, customer satisfaction, etc.)

RateMyTate offers the solution:
A simple but more-dimensional rating system with deep insights and statistical relevance.

three swipes - three ratings - one gesture

The RmT rating system supersedes the five-star rating!

In the absence of alternatives, the five-star rating or smiles have established themselves in most customer satisfaction surveys. However, studies have shown that these systems are unpopular. The evaluation process is unattractive and the evaluation presentation is not very informative for the decision maker.

"I really liked the shop, but the service was rather unfriendly". With stars, such a rating cannot be reproduced; a detailed survey is again time-intensive. The customers therefore refuse to provide their feedback, relevant criticism is lost. RateMyTate offers the solution: Fast, easy and multi-dimensional!

Even in the presentation of the evaluation, one-dimensional evaluation systems quickly reach their limits. There is a lack of meaning; the motives of the customers remain in the dark. RateMyTate, on the other hand, illustrates three evaluation criteria through the unique "rating shard". This also communicates clearly and instinctively in three dimensions, by size, shape and color.

Application examples

  • Restaurant: Guests can immediately make their personal assessment - direct at the table, on the way out or in defined areas.
  • Hotel
  • Shop
  • Advisory services (bank, insurance, etc.)
  • Fair or exhibition stand
  • Events
  • And many more

In a hotel, for example, the equipment, cleanliness and the friendliness of the staff could be evaluated.

What we offer

  • Free selection of the three evaluation criteria
  • Delivery and installation of the terminal
  • On-Screen logo or branding of the client
  • Devices are permanently online and the evaluations are available live

We also offer

  • Easy but secure online access to rating data
  • Adjustment of data evaluation to the company
  • Reporting (optional)
  • Various housings and models
  • Flexible pricing models

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