What is a Tate?
A Tate is any kind of creative product, for example: a painting, a sculpture, a fashion design, a tattoo, a product design, DYI products, etc. Hence, anything that can be considered as a creative creation. Our users may choose from a wide range of categories which best suits their Tate. Feel free to share your suggestions with us to further develop our category tree (other "tell us").

Please be aware that RateMyTate represents a platform with a certain level of creative quality. Your uploaded Tate therefore must contain some kind of artistic element. Hence, please don't share selfies or lifestyle pics.

Should I be the one who made the Tate or can I post anything?
Please only share a Tate that is either made by you or one of which you possess the legal intellectual property rights to (e.g. a tattoo on your body).

Why can't I rate the Tates I'm actively clicking on?
One of our main emphases is to provide unbiased objective rating for everyone. If users are able to choose a specific Tate they want to rate, this condition would be violated. Therefore, you will be provided with random Tates to rate. However, every user is able to view any Tate and its information at any time (description, categories, uploading user, rating, ranking, etc.).

No direct rating, sorry. But this way our system ensures valuable rating for every user!

In order to start rating click on the main icon and you will be provided with a random Tate. In that way your opinion is unbiased, objective and reliable.

Further updates of RateMyTate will include the option for the user to choose a certain category of Tates to rate in.

How do I rate?
Click on the main icon. Then swipe the images of the Tate and have a good look at them. For more information click on "see more...". After the last swipe you will reach the rating screen.

We invented the RmT-rating system in order to ensure a fast, unique and entertaining rating system that is multidimensional with a 0 - 100 scale.

It is very easy to use: pull the arrow of each criteria until it reaches the amount of points you wish to give the Tate. When finished, the "rating shard" (triangular) is formed. You can now click on the right icon to rate the next Tate or the left icon to view the Tate and get the full information about it (be aware that you send your rating by doing this). You will be provided with information about the artist, the collected rating (rating by all users), categories, description, etc. Please understand that we can't provide this information in advance, because we don't want you to be biased by the collected rating or the artists' information.

What is this triangular ("rating shard") telling me?
Rating communication by size, shape and color!

The rating triangular, or "rating shard" as we like to call it, is a visualization of a Tates' rating. It shows you on one view the Tates' overall rating by its size and thereby communicates how each rating criteria was weighted by the lengths of the axes and more importantly: by color.

For example: If the creativity rating is dominantly high the shard will be more "greenish" - same goes for "bluish" for realization and "reddish" for like-it.

More details?

The shard is stretched by three sub-triangular. Each of those is colored by mixing two values of the RGB color system. So the bottom left one, for example, mixes green and blue which is why it appears in perfect cyan when both values are at its maximum. Same goes for the yellow (mix green and red) and for the magenta (red and blue) triangular.

Why are there exactly these three rating criteria? Isn't the "like-it rating" the same as the "overall rating"?
We chose the following three criteria:

  • An intangible "parameter": creativity - green - individuality It describes how individual the Tate is: boring or new and innovative.
  • A quality "parameter": realization - blue - quality It mirrors the technical perfection (execution) and the grade of used materials.
  • An emotional "parameter": like-it - red - emotion It is supposed to reflect your feeling about it.
Important: each of these criteria should be rated independently! So "like-it" is not the combination of "creativity" and "realization". E.g.: A wrist star tattoo - "It's very common and looks washed out, but that's what I love!" → Low Creativity, low Realization but high Like-it.

How does my Tate receive ratings?
You have to rate other Tates. Each time you rate someone else's Tate your Tate will be queued up to be rated by some other random user. There might be a bit of a time gap but you will receive the same amount of ratings you give or even more.

rate4rate! Give 17 ratings receive 17 ratings.

Do I have to upload a Tate in order to rate?
No! Anyone can participate in the RateMyTate-rating.

Who rates my Tate?
Any random person! You might think - "Hey that's weird" - but this is exactly the way you will receive an objective, unbiased reliable opinion about your Tate. That's how market research works. You might be more interested in the crowds opinion rather than in the one of friends, followers or family. They tell you want to hear anyway - however you want the truth!

In the evaluation feature you will also find detailed statistics of the demographic data based on your Tates' rating.

Why can't I see who posted the Tate before I rate it?
That would bias your rating! You might be influenced by gender, name, appearance etc. of the artist. Users on RateMyTate want unbiased ratings.

What about intellectual property?
Be aware that your creations will not only be shown to other users when they rate them, but they will also appear on our home screens "popular Tates" and "latest Tates" or if people marked you as a "favorite" (heart icon). If you receive a high rating your Tate will be highly ranked and therefore more often viewed by other users.

If you want to use RateMyTate as a tool to find your target market but you are afraid that someone could steal your ideas, use our "set as private Tate" - feature (check box by upload). In this case the images of your Tate will only be shown during the rating process, but will not appear on "popular", "latest" and in "favorites".

For more information about intellectual property rights please see terms and conditions.

What is event rating?
"Event-rating" is a feature that will be implemented soon. It will basically offer users the possibility to create an event (host) that is restricting users who are allowed to rate and upload within this event. Further it will open a certain time frame (hours to weeks) in which rating is allowed. Events can be online or even be connected to real events (fashion shows, exhibitions, vernissages, costume parties, etc.). The restriction can also be set public, if anyone can participate.

Event rating will be the perfect tool for competitions to replace a jury or to be supported by the rating of a crowd.


  • Private Halloween party (roughly 30 guests): The host of the party is also hosting the event rating, takes a picture of every guest entering the party and invites all guests as rators (previously or locally). The time frame for rating is from 8 to 12 pm. At 12 o‘clock the leader board of the costumes is published and the winner gets a bottle of champagne.
  • Fashion week (200 designers, 200K guests): Previous to the beginning of the fashion week, designers will be invited to upload one of their favorite Tates to the event rating. Marketing actions (hostess ladies, flyers, social media) will inform guests that there is an online ballot for the best designer (e.g. dresses) which everybody can attend (download the app, choose event and start to rate). At the end of the week results are published and the winner will receive a prize at a prize ceremony.
  • Online Logo rating for the brand „Sukzi“: Sukzi is hosting the event (public) and encourages users to upload logo suggestions. The invited users rate and the winner is rewarded with prize money.
Why do you need the user data and where do you get it from?
We retrieve the user data from facebook or from the data our users enter when logging in. It is important to us for you to know that demographic data is necessary to provide all users - including you - with the rating evaluation feature. Therefore, please enter your correct data because otherwise you would be violating the main use case for RateMyTate users.

What's the difference between RateMyTate and other photo sharing platforms?
Our unique multidimensional rating system - our rate4rate system - our rating evaluations feature!

Other platform ratings and sorting systems are based on views, likes or comments. These criteria are heavily dependent on how much personal reach (followers, friends, etc.) the posting user has on these platforms. Also, there is no restriction on how many Tates per user can be uploaded. We believe that users will only upload their best Tates, as they have to rate other Tates in order to receive ratings themselves.

That's why RateMyTate will lift out real beauty of art based on an objective, unbiased crowd rating - no matter of how popular or unpopular the artist is.

I don't want to rate tattoos (example), how can I customize the app to my interests?
This feature will be implemented soon. We know that it can be annoying to rate creations you are not interested in at all. However, every personal opinion is important if an apps' pledge is to deliver objective, unbiased and reliable rating. We will compromise on this issue in the future by giving the user the choice to only rate in specific main-categories. These slightly biased ratings will be pointed out in the evaluation feature.

Why does it take more than one click to upload my Tate?
Unlike other photo sharing platforms you won't upload a massively high number of Tates with RateMyTate. So please take your time to categorize each one of them. It's important for the user to know what he/she is looking at. Also, this makes it more transparent for users who only like to browse in their categories of interest.

How will my ratings be distributed if I upload more than one Tate?
The ratings you receive will be equally distributed to each of your Tates unless you disable the checkbox "open for rating". When you chose to disable this function, your Tate will still be visible on the home screens but won't be rated anymore.

Can I get in contact with someone who uploaded a Tate?
At the moment our users have the option to post their email or website address on their profile. A messaging function as well as a commenting function for the Tates will be implemented soon.

Can I buy someone's Tate?
RateMyTate is not a selling platform. However, if you are interested in a specific Tate please get into contact with the user who posted the Tate. Users can leave their email or website address on their profile. A direct messaging function will be implemented soon.

Can I share my Tate?
Yes, you can! By clicking on the top right corner of your Tate screen you can share your Tate on facebook. Other share functions will be implemented soon.